Honda S800 Morita-san

Always enjoy having the opportunity to make these special "going back to Japan" or retirement illustrations for my company. It's an honor to be the considered the guy who is good at this sort of thing in a studio full of talented designers. Or maybe I'm just the one who says yes to anything. Honda's high revving masterpiece first micro sports car, here with the "big block" 791cc (48 cubic inch). And regarding the flag- this is a nod to this associate's tenure at our California design studio, and as a gift to remember his time here. As for the "backwards" direction of the flag, (because someone always asks,) my vehicles pretty much always are pointed to the right side of the page (as suggested for better visual movement by the great vehicle illustrator Jack Leynnwood), which means the flag, when added to the visible side of the vehicle and properly applied appears in the less familiar left to right direction. This is standard for application of the US flag on vehicles and uniforms, where it is directed that the flag should appear to be blowing back by the wind of forward movement. The Space Shuttle, Air Force 1, and military uniforms are good examples of this.